Privacy Policy
We have posted our privacy policy to let you know what information is collected and how that information is used at Feis Productions.

Types of Information Collected

Currently, no information is required in order to gain access to general information contained on the Feis Productions web site (herein referred to as the "site").  There are several locations in which information is requested in order to benefit the site "user" (that's you).  These locations and their implications are outlined below.

* In all cases, no information given to Feis Productions is sold, rented, or given away to any other organization. *

A Word about Cookies

Cookies are a technology that have been thoroughly confused within the media. While this is not an in-depth explanation of cookies, it should dispel some myths about them.

First, cookies do not and cannot steal information from your computer.  Cookies cannot be used to give your computer a virus or cause other types of damage.

Cookies are used by sites like this one basically to keep track of the user as they travel around the site. Some sites use this tracking information to analyze what pages have been seen, or what advertisements to which the user has already been subjected.

There are two types of cookies. The type that was the focus of bad press are the cookies that are stored on your hard drive.  These types of cookies can track a user over long periods of time: weeks, months or years. These types of cookies are also used by some services where a user is required to log in to use the service.  Instead of the user logging in each time, a cookie could be sent with the necessary information and thus the user doesn't have to type anything to log in.

The second type of cookie is one that is called a transient cookie. A transient cookie resides only in the memory of the computer.  When the browser is closed or the machine is turned off, that cookie disappears forever.  No long term tracking can be done with a transient cookie. This is the type of cookie that Feis Productions uses at this site.

In addition, the transient cookie will expire after 20 minutes of non-use. The information this site stores in the cookie is merely random data that the web server uses so that it know if you have logged in or not.

In order to use any membership-related function of this website, your browser must be set to accept cookies. If you request that your browser ask you before accepting cookies each time a cookie is sent, you will notice that 99% of the pages on this site will try to send a cookie.

As a final word, cookies can't cause your computer problems.  The worst a cookie could do is store information about you so that the next time you return to the site that sent you the cookie, it could retrieve that same information.  As with any other real-world occasion, it is wise to be cautious with any personal information you give to an unknown or untrusted source.

Areas of the Site where Information is Required

The Classifieds:  The Classifieds, as implemented on this site, is essentially a place to exchange information regarding articles, related to Irish Dancing, that a user wishes to buy or sell.  Any information given to place an item for sale or an item wanted, is used solely for that purpose. No information is specifically required. However, some contact information given will be on display to other users as a matter of the purpose of The Classifieds.  To post a classified ad, you must be a registered user.

FeisProducer™ Information:  Information requested regarding the possibility of purchasing the FeisProducer services is used only in pursuing such business and is not displayed anywhere on the site.  No information is specifically required.

Irish Dance Schools:  This site also contains information on Irish Dance Schools throughout the world.  Information is given when a school wishes to include their contact information on this site.  All information given is available for viewing on the site.  No information is specifically required.  To add and be able to maintain school information, you must be a registered user and must certify that you have the permission of the school to post and update such information.

Contact Information and E-mail:  When sending an e-mail to Feis Productions, we may keep the e-mail address of the sender on file for later use.  In addition, the form in which a user may send information to Feis Productions, located on the Contact Information page, has a field for e-mail address. In either case, whether voluntarily given, or involuntarily transmitted via an e-mail client, e-mail address and any other information received from users are not available to users outside of Feis Productions, and are used only in response to a specific communication initiated by the user.

Contests:  Occasionally Feis Productions may run a contest with prizes of various sorts.  In order to be eligible for the prize, the user must submit accurate and complete information, including Name, Address, Telephone Number, E-mail Address, and other information that is necessary to properly run the contest.   Information received as part of the contest will not be released to anyone except where required by law. To enter a Feis Productions contest, you must be a registered user.

Registered Users

Some areas where personal information is required, also require the user to become a registered user.  Becoming a registered user entails entering some personal information, choosing a user name and a password. Other than name, e-mail address, and country, no other information is specifically required for general registration. However, a user may wish to include other information so that other users may be able to contact them or to be eligible for contests. No information about a registered user is ever given out, except where the user has specifically requested that the information be released.

If you wish to make a comment about this policy, please contact us.