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Ann's Place  Hits: 4682
This site has a ton of links and other information regarding irish dance.

Ireland's Dance  Hits: 3491

Ireland's Dance is a site dedicated to the artform of Irish step dancing, with plenty of info about all aspects of Irish dance, from the shoes, costumes and feiseanna (competitions) to the history and music & dances themselves.

Irish Dancing Directory  Hits: 3492

We've got everything you need in the Irish Dancing World. Teachers, Schools, Dressmakers, Suppliers, Feis information & more. Visit us today to find what you're looking for.

Irish Week at the Augusta Heritage Center  Hits: 3742

Irish Week, now in its 24th year, celebrates the very best of Irish music, craft, folklore, literature, and dance traditions. Irish Week has had an enormous impact on the quality of Irish traditional music and dance in the U.S. The classes are intense, an

iPals - Irish Dance Pen Pals  Hits: 2872

Make new friends at iPals, the only online pen pals site for Irish dancers!

Irish Dancing Canada  Hits: 3048

Irish Dancing Canada is the place to find all things relating to Irish Dance in Canada.

World Irish Dancer  Hits: 2461

For everyone who loves Irish dance.

Claddagh School of Irish Dance  Hits: 3251

The Claddagh Dance Company has added a touch of authentic Irish Culture to the lives of Southern California and Utah communities since 1985. Students range from four to adult, learning a mix of solo and group dances in the traditional soft and hard shoes.

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